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Lets encrypt
This website is beta testing the new FREE, Open, and automated Certificate Authority: Let's Encrypt !

For now only these domains are secured. All the others services/domains are coming in the following weeks, once i got time to do it !


www.justforlulz.fr : This page, currently nearly empty.

blog.justforlulz.fr : My Weblog, currently pretty empty as well

dns.justforlulz.fr : Free, Non Censured, Non lying, Non logged, Open DNS Server who runs on this server. For personnal use.

url.justforlulz.fr : My Url shortener, simple, fast and useful.

tracker.justforlulz.fr : A simple and useful bittorent tracker

ntp.justforlulz.fr : NTP Server (Network time protocol fr/en), free, member of the NTP Pool Project ( pool.ntp.org fr/en )

hadopi.justforlulz.fr : Hadopi (fr/en) or Net-Neutrality related stuff (Video/Audio data mostly) (For more info: laquadrature.net www.jaimelesartistes.fr )

mirror.justforlulz.fr : Personal mirroring service, stuff i use & i found useful are mirrored here ( Debian / Archlinux / Ubuntu / Linux Mint / FreeBSD / OpenBSD / UBCD & more)

hacks.justforlulz.fr : Stuff related to Hacking of devices/softwares, and Hackers Conferences (For more info (fr/en, en2)

paste.justforlulz.fr : My personnal (and useful) Secured Paste-Bin service.

speedtest.justforlulz.fr : An Internet speed test service (Based on speedtest/mini by OOKLA)

seed.justforlulz.fr : Free Software (only) and OpenSource OS currently shared via bittorent by this server

Also have a flash web video player hosted : http://justforlulz.fr/static/player.swf Usage is documented here

( Coming : Working Jabber, (maybe mail), and .... )

<3 : I Support: NET NEUTRALITY, Telecomix, Laquadrature, Datalove <3, IPv6, FDN, Bahnhof, PrQ, ALTERN, Identi.ca (Status.net), Libre.fm, Archlinux, Debian, Freebsd, Android, Mozilla & many others.

IPv6: 2001:41D0:2:3E12::1 (Not all services available atm)
Bandwith: 100Mbps unmetered
Runs: Debian 7.x, Apache 2.x, Php 5.x, Mysql 5.x, Postfix 2.x, Bind 9.x, Ntpd, Munin, Murmur, Ejabberd, Nano, Zsh.

Created a La Rache, under WTFPL using the new awesome HTML0

Contact: admin [ at ] justforlulz . fr

Donations ? : Bitcoins to 1GBjpKQrJ8WCsryb3Y69dxtvftgurZRzH1 :)